Layal is an emerging artist who's originally from Egypt and is currently based in London firming her roots in the UK music scene.

Influenced by many genres and artists, Layal aims to incorporate different styles of music to create her own, unique sound that cannot be defined under one genre.

Not limiting herself to one sound or image, she's constantly influenced by her surroundings and is always discovering new ways to create enchanting music that reflects her thoughts and feelings whilst creating a story like journey for the listener into her mind and imagination.

Layal's music focuses on bridging the gap between Arabic and English flavors by incorporating Arabic lyrics, music & instruments as well as utilising her Egyptian influences to create a distinct and fresh sound. She aims to make music that has positive energy and lulls her listeners into a great mood.

Since releasing her first two singles at the start of 2020 she's received incredible support, praise and reviews from many established media outlets & radio shows including BBC Radio 1 and is already gaining fans. Watch this space for Layal's upcoming music, performances and soothing, irresistible sound. 

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